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Welcome to Things for Sale in Rugby!

| Site info | November 16, 2011

Things For Sale In has been designed specifically to help local people sell and buy items really easily to other local people.

We don’t want long winded auctions with loads of bidding, we don’t want professional sellers taking over the site, we don’t want people hanging around for their item to be delivered. Everything is available in your home town, you simply arrange with the seller when you want to pick up your item, pay them according to their request and that’s it!

All we ask is that you follow the guidelines – they are there to make life easy for both buyer and seller. Essentially it comes down to being honest about what are getting rid of and turning up to buy something you have said you want. Oh, and keep it legal too! The Rules and Guidelines say what cannot be sold through the site.

We’re still quite new, so we might not have all of the information you need on the site just yet – if you have any questions or think there is something we have missed, let us know.

And most of all… enjoy it!

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